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Astronomy 3D watch

I present you an interactive watchface with a 3D-model of the Solar System for fans of astronomy.
Available on Samsung Galaxy Apps

T-34 Tankmen 3D watch with game

T-34 Tankmen watch - interactive 3D animated watch face for fans of tanks ;)
Available on Samsung Galaxy Apps

4Timer widget

The widget - timer, consisting of 4 independent timers, separated by colors. For each timer, you can set the time to 99 hours, the end signal and vibration. 

Available on Samsung Galaxy Apps

Learn foreign words

I present a unique watchface-assistant to learn foreign words. Anyone who wants to learn a foreign language is usually faced with the fact that to study words one should always allocate free time, carry a paper dictionary with them or download an electronic one to a mobile device. Stop, why this fuss? We also have the best assistant, who is always with us, and you can combine the study of words with the viewing of time!

Available on Samsung Galaxy Apps

Crib sheet watch

I present to your the watchface with a secret. It looks like an ordinary clock, but inside it's almost an e-book;) Upload as many texts as you want, and at any time double-tap the battery indicator to open the view.

Available on Galaxy Store

Hamster voice repeater

This is a fun application like the well-known hamster toy. The hamster is interactive, in full 3D, you can twist it, zoom it. Tap on the microphone and start recording, when the red light is flashing, you can talk for up to 5 seconds, or press stop. After that, the voice is transformed and the hamster will repeat your phrase with his cool voice.

Link to Gears Apps Store