Astronomy 3D watch

I present you an interactive watchface with a 3D-model of the Solar System for fans of astronomy.
Available on Samsung Galaxy Apps
All planets spin around the sun and its axis, surface textures are taken from space photos,
the processes in the sun are animated and the star boils like a real one.
With the help of the accelerometer you can change the viewing angle. 
You can also watch separately each planet. To do this, change the view using a double tap on the left (back) and on the right (forward) of display.
You can change the style of the clock arrows with a double tap in the center.

And as a bonus, there is a 3D-clip of a flight through the solar system, make a double tap on the top of the dial in main view and enjoy beautiful views. There is music in the clip, but it can be stopped with one tap in the center.

- Classic watch;
- Current day and battery level indicators;
- Solar system 3D-model;
- 11 themes (solar system, sun and 9 planets);
- 3D look with accelerometer;
- AOD mode support;
- 3D-flight clip through the solar system;
Thank you for support! Pleasant use ;)