Currency converter + widget

Presenting to your attention a useful application - a currency converter, with the support of about 150 currencies from different countries and regions of the world (and Bitcoin, Gold, Silver), voice input and built-in calculator! 

Available on Samsung Galaxy Apps

Exchange rates are updated every 3 hours from the*,  service used by global companies, so be sure you will always see the actual rates. 

The application screen is divided into 2 parts: the upper one is the source currency, the lower one is the currency of conversion. Each part contains the name of the selected currency and the currency selection button. The value contains, besides the digit, also a currency symbol, and the background is represented in the form of images of paper money (depends on the theme).

You can enter a value in each part by tapping once a digit, the editor being presented in the form of a calculator, where in addition to input, it is possible to perform arithmetic operations before converting.

You can also enter the value by voice! Tap on the number twice and the voice input will open, say any number and confirm recognized number  (available only for watches with Tizen OS 4.0 and higher. Samsung’s integrated voice input and recognition technology is used).

You can change the theme by choosing background type and font color (tap on the 3 dots on the left of the screen).

In addition to the application, there is also a currency pair widget. Install the widget, select the currency and you will always see the current rate. You can set up several widgets with different currency pairs.

*For updates, access to internet is required. To do this, the watch must be connected to the phone via Gear Wearable app and the phone had internet access. You can also directly connect the watch to the wifi network or via e-sim. If internet connection isn't available, the data of the last successful update is used.

Thanks for support! Pleasant use ;)