Discount cards wallet

The application allows you to store all your discount and bonus cards in the watch! Use your phone (Android) and companion app to capture card images. Barcode scanner integrated into the companion app will help to transfer the barcode of any format (and also QR-codes).

Available on Samsung Galaxy Apps

Now in stores, cafes, terminals, you can show cards from the watch screen, and for scanners, show the saved barcode. Leave your mass of cards at home!

The application contains sections:

  •  New: here come new cards from the companion app;
  •  Favorite: here are cards marked with a star;
  •  Popular: the last 10 cards are saved here, on which a bar code was shown on the screen;
  •  All cards;
  •  Widget "Favorites", you can add it for quick access to your favorite cards.

The companion app (Android) is a fully functional card holder on the phone. With the ability to synchronize cards with a watch (including several different ones), support for backup and export of cards, the ability to share cards with other people through instant messengers.

App features:

  • Storage of image cards with a barcode;
  • Companion app (Android) is a fully functional card holder on the phone;
  • The number of stored cards is not limited;
  • Ability to save additional text information (or barcode) for the card (for editing, you need to make a double tap on the "i"-icon at the top left of the card, for viewing - a single tap);
  • Support any barcode formats;
  • Ability to create your card on a template with your inscription;
  • Ability to create a QR code for an arbitrary entered text line;
  • If the card does not contain a barcode, but only a digital code, you can take a picture of it and store it in place of the barcode.
  • App does not require an internet connection;

How to add a card


- Companion app is compatible only with Android devices with the installed Samsung Gear Apps and enabled synchronization between devices;

- Application is not intended for payment cards. And also app does not support cards with electronic chips and magnetic tape.

- Some stores use scanning devices that cannot read information from the screen of electronic devices. In this case, you can use the companion application, or ask the employee to enter the number of the discount card manually.

Thanks for support! Pleasant use ;)