Map GPS Watch

This is a unique watchface that combines the display of time with the map and the current location. Now you can not only answer the question “What time is it now?”, But also the always important “Where am I?”.

Available on Samsung Galaxy Apps

In "clock mode", the watchface is a classic watch against which a map is drawn. But if you tap on the display, the watchface will switch to the interactive "map mode", the watch will disappear and there will be a map with zoom buttons. The map can be moved by making tap on any part of the map, it will move exactly to the specified position.

In "clock mode", make a double tap in the center of the screen - the map will ask for the GPS position and after determining it will go to your location. You can also update the location in "map mode", for this you need to double tap on the marker of the current location. If you don't push the screen for 5 seconds in map mode, the watchface will revert to watch mode. 

You can always mark any point on the map with a marker and find out the distance to it from you, double tap anywhere on the map and a marker will appear with information.

You can build a route to this marker by tapping once on it, a route will appear and the information will be supplemented by approximate walking time. When moving along a route, you can always find out the elapsed time and distance traveled, for this tap once on the marker of the current location. To delete a route and a marker, tap on it twice.

On the map, you can search for POIs (points of interest) in various categories (attractions, ATMs, hotels, etc.) located no further than 1km (~3281ft) from your current location. In map mode, click on 3 points on the right, select a category and get a list of POIs sorted by distance (double tap on 3 points - open the last POI found). Each point can be marked with a marker on the map and build a route. You can also find POIs by voice search using an arbitrary phrase (microphone icon in the search menu).

The watchface has 2 themes - dark and light, for switching between them you need to make a double tap on the battery indicator. AOD mode is also supported.


  1. You must have internet access on the watch (via the bluetooth connect to the phone or directly connect the watch via Wi-Fi or e-SIM), because information is taken from internet service. 
  2. There are two methods of getting a location for your watch:
  • WITH a bluetooth connection with your phone, on which location services is switched 'on' and the Samsung Wearable app is opened (in the background is fine);
  • WITHOUT a bluetooth connection with your phone, stand-alone. With this, your watches own GPS-module is needed to determine your location from its contact with GPS-satellites;

To summarize, the best option is when your watch is connected and synchronized with your phone via Samsung Wearable app, and the phone has access to the Internet.


  • Classic watch;
  • Interactive map (tap on the screen to switch to the map);
  • Determination of the current location by GPS (double tap in the center of the screen in "clock mode" or by marker in "map mode");
  • Measurement of distances from the current location (double tap in "map mode" on any part of the map);
  • Creating a walking route between markers (tap on the distance marker);
  • Search for POIs (points of interest: attractions, ATMs, hotels, etc.);
  • Search for POIs by voice query;
  • 2 color themes (switching - double tap on the battery indicator);
  • Current day indicator;
  • Battery level indicator;
  • AOD mode support;

Thanks for support! Pleasant use ;)