Stopwatch Active - Widget

Widget for measuring time and activity indicators during jogging, walking or sports.

Available on Samsung Galaxy Apps

A special feature of the stopwatch is that you can measure at any time the number of steps, the distance, the average speed and pulse for a particular part of the path or lap, as well as the total statistics for the entire run (walk).

You can use the stopwatch for a usual walk, measure the distance and the number of steps between the points of the route, as well as measure the pulse and calories burned. If you are wondering how many steps and distance from the coach station to work or from the office to the nearest cafe, this widget will also help.

Algorithm uses high-precision system timer with accuracy up to 1/100 seconds. You can select units of measure in meters/feet (double click on the distance indicator). 

Stopwatches run in the background, i.e. on the screen at this time can be a watchface or another app, and also when the screen is off. There is also a mode with a screen always on (double tap on the Lap indicator).

Widget features:

  • Accuracy up to 1/100 seconds;
  • Counting the number of steps, distance, calories burned. Calculation for all indicators separately in laps;
  • Displays the current speed, calculation of the average speed separately in laps;
  • Pulse measurement at the start of each lap, as well as periodically once a minute. 
  • Due to the large energy consumption when measuring the pulse, you can turn it off with a double tap on the heart icon before the start, instead of the pulse, statistics on calories burned will be displayed;
  • Ability to select distance measurements in meter/feet, km/mile (double tap on the Distance indicator);
  • Summary statistics at the finish, separately in laps and total statistics;
  • History of measurements (double tap on the indicator of steps when the stopwatch is inactive);
  • Pause function;
  • Beep and vibration when you tap the onscreen buttons;
  • Round colored progress bar for every 60 seconds;
  • Always on display option (double tap on Lap indicator);

The last 10 results are saved in the history, you can see it by double tapping on the step indicator (when the stopwatch is not active).

Note. The widget is not an application, how to install the widget:

Thanks for support! Pleasant use ;)