Telling time clock

This is a watchface that not only shows the current time, but can also pronounce it in several languages!

Available on Samsung Galaxy Apps

The technology "Text-to-speech" is used, allowing to pronounce the text in accordance with the language features and correct pronunciation.

The digital time before pronunciation is converted to a human-friendly form according to the rules of the chosen language. When converting, an informal version of the interpretation of time is used, which is used by people in everyday life.

Supported languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Korean, Russian.

The watchface is presented in the form of a world map, the position of which corresponds to the selected country/language, on the background in the form of the sky with a dynamic day-night cycle.

This dial will be not only entertainment, but also a good tool when learning foreign languages.


  • Classic watch;
  • Digitall watch with 12/24h mode support (tap above digital time);
  • Displaying at the bottom part a textual interpretation of the current time for the selected language
  • (you can change the language/country using tap on the flag);
  • Ability to pronounce the current time (tap on the text of time);
  • Dynamic map in the background, when changing the language / country, the map will be shifted to the selected country;
  • Dynamic background in the colors of the sky, varying with the time of day;
  • Animation of movement on the map of transport (planes, ships);
  • Current day indicator;
  • Battery level indicator;
  • AOD mode support;

p.s. For Gear S2, voice pronunciation is only possible in a gsm version with a speaker!

Thanks for support! Pleasant use ;)