Text reader

I present to your attention an app for reading text files in fb2,txt and html formats. Download texts, books, and at any time you can open them for reading, because the reader is always on your hand.

Available on Samsung Galaxy Apps

You can control the view in several ways - by scrolling (tap on the top or bottom of the screen), rotating the bezel, swiping across the screen.

But the main feature - control by tilts! Turn your wrist, and the greater the tilt, the faster the text scrolls. If turning on itself, the text scrolls up, from itself - down. The position of the hand is remembered when opening the text, then the tilts are calculated relative to the starting position.

You can switch the tilt mode to touch mode (select "Touch mode" in the Theme menu) and also return back. At the same time pages flipping and bezel work in both modes. You can also quickly move up and down the text using taps on the top or bottom of the screen.

The last page read and text position are always saved separately for each file, so when you come back to reading later, you will immediately jump to the last read section. For convenience, the main screen has an icon "Read", which opens the last read text.

You can customize the visual theme for reading by selecting the background from more than 50 options, as well as adjust the color, font size and turn on the outline. To go to the theme setting screen in reading mode, tap the "three points" icon on the right of the screen. 

The app has a file explorer that supports folders. You can rename, delete, and also import new ones. There are several ways to transfer texts to the watch:

  •  Importing text notes from the service simplenote.com;
  •  Exchange with a mobile device or computer via FTP;
  •  Import files using the files.io service;

It is important that text files be in UTF-8 (Unicode) encoding, with the extension ".txt",".fb2" or ".html". You can use any languages and styles (including hieroglyphs, Hindi, etc.).

Note: you can take texts and books from popular open sources, for example https://www.gutenberg.org .But you can also convert a document of any format to text on the https://www.zamzar.com service, upload the document and select the format "txt", then download and import it to the clock.


Importing text notes from Simplenote.com:

  1. Connect watch to wifi (router or access point or mobile shared wifi). 
  2. Register on the service by link https://app.simplenote.com ;
  3. Create a note, make the first line of the title, which will be the file name in the clock;
  4. Paste the text content;
  5. Publish the note and remember the resulting link;
  6. Open the synchronization menu on the watch, select SimpleNote.com;
  7. Enter the link code from 5, located after last "/" in the link code field, the file will be created in the current folder.

Importing files from files.io:

  1. Go to the service https://www.file.io 
  2. Download a text file and remember the resulting link. It is important that the file name consists of only Latin letters, the service works only with such names;
  3. Open the synchronization menu on the watch, select file.io;
  4. Enter the code from the received link in the input field, the file will be downloaded to the current folder and available for viewing.

Download files by FTP:

  1. Connect watch to wifi and go to settings menu on watch: Connections - wifi - wifi networks;
  2. Tap to connected network; 
  3. Look at IP address;
    It is important that the clock is connected via an access point (router), and not through a shared connection on the phone.
  4. Install on your mobile app;
    If you use Apple device or PC, find smilar application ("wifi file exchange", "ftp server")
  5. Run app and start service, look at what ip issued, make sure that the first 3 digits match the ip on the watch, understand that in one wifi network;
  6. Enter ip address from the app in the ftp settings of the watchface;
  7. Copy (or save) files in txt format to the root folder of mobile phone ;
  8. Refresh the list in the watchface file panel, files with ".txt",".fb2" or ".html" extension will be displayed. It is important that the FTP server list file names in UTF-8 charset, otherwise only files with Latin letters in names will be shown;
  9. Select files and download, now you can view them.

Thanks for support! Pleasant use ;)