Voice Recorder App + Widget

Voice recorder app with a widget, a player, with the ability to transfer recorded files to external devices via FTP, email and file service.

Available on Samsung Galaxy Apps

To start recording, simply tap on the microphone icon and you can return to the watchface. When you need to stop recording, open the application and again tap on the microphone, the recording is done!

Note! The voice recorder uses the microphone of the watch, but it is also used by system applications such as phone call and svoice. If you answer the phone call on the watch, the microphone is blocked and the voice recorder stops recording! Also, if the "Voice wake-up" svoice is turned on (like "ok Google"), then the system can block the microphone at any time and the recording of the voice recorder will also be interrupted! You can turn off the "Voice wake-up", because at any time, svoice can be started by double pressing the bottom button of the watch. Open the svoice (double-click on the lower right button), then tap three points on the right side, turn off the "Voice wake-up".

Even more convenient if you install the widget and then at any time you can quickly record.

If you want to play the recording, open the menu - three vertical points on the right, go to the "Tracklist", select the recording and click on "play".

If you have problems with playback volume

1) Go to settings, scroll to and select "Sounds and vibration", select "Volume",  rotate the bezel or swipe left to the "Media".  Set the volume to a level of 10-15 units

2) Make sure all watch sounds are NOT turned off , step 5 of instruction

You can rename the record to find it easier later. To do this, tap in the tracklist icon "burger" in the lower left and select "Rename" in the menu. You can also organize the records by folders, create a folder with the desired name (the folder icon at the top left), go to it and now new records will be created here, and the folder name will be displayed on the main screen.

If you need to export (upload) record files, you can do it in 3 ways.

Before the export procedure, connect the watch to Wifi, make sure that the connection is established successfully and there is a connection icon in the status menu on the watch.

Upload records via file.io service

In the upload settings, select "QR-code", read and confirm the security policy, and then select any file in the tracklist, click the "folder with arrow to the right" icon and select "Get QR code" from the drop-down menu. After export, you will receive a QR code, you can scan it on any mobile device and follow the link to download the record. You can also manually enter the link under the code in the browser, after which the file will be downloaded to the device.

Note: The file.io service supports files up to 100 megabytes. After uploading to the service, the link is valid exactly 1 time and exists before the first download, then the file is deleted from the service. The file is stored on the server for 7 days.

Sending record files to Email

In the upload settings, select "E-mail", read and confirm the security policy, and then in the tracklist, select any file and click the "folder with arrow to the right" icon and select the "Send E-mail" menu item. An e-mail will be sent with a link to the file. The file.io service is used, where the link is valid for exactly one download, and then the file is deleted from the service. The link in the letter is valid for 7 days!

Upload record files to FTP

You can use both FTP on a mobile device, and FTP on a server on the Internet. If you use FTP to copy to a mobile device, find the app by the words "ftp server", "ftp server" or "wifi FTP".

For a computer (laptop) you can also find many programs for creating an FTP server. For example, find a very simple to set up program - server "TYPSoft FTP Serve" (for Windows);

If you want to copy the records to an external FTP server, enter the full address of the folder, fill in the login in the "User" field and password.

Note. Typically, mobile FTP apps do not use passwords, so leave the User and Password fields blank.

When the FTP settings are set, in the tracklist, select any file and click the icon "folder with an arrow to the right" and select the menu item "Upload to FTP".

How to transfer files to mobile phone:

1) Go to settings menu on watch: Connections - Wifi - Wifi networks;
2) Tap to connected network; 
3) Look at IP address ;
4) Install on your mobile WifiFtp;
5) Run app and start service, look at what ip issued, make sure that the first 3 digits match the ip on the watch, i.e. that understand that in one wifi network;
6) Enter ip address from the app in the ftp settings of the recorder on the watch;
7) Now you can send the file;
8) The transferred file will be in the root folder of the phone, you can open it with any file explorer.

Technical details

- Tracks are stored in sounds/wsvoicerec folder of device;

- Voice recorder codecs:

AMR -  is an audio compression format optimized for speech coding, used in mobile networks. I recommend it to record speech, it perfectly preserves the voice, while the data stream is very small, 30 minutes occupy about 3 megabytes, which is important, because the device does not have much memory;

- AAC is a high-quality codec, an MP3 successor with improved encoding quality. You can record anything, streams from 32 to 256 kb/s and a range of frequencies up to 44100 Hz are supported;  

Thank you for support! Pleasant use ;)