Voice recorder watch

Watch face with voice recorder and player function with the ability to transfer recorded files to devices via FTP and the www.file.io service.

Available on Samsung Galaxy Apps


  • Classic analog watch with seconds hand and a day of month indicator;
  • Digital watch with 12/24H format (double tap on digits to change format);
  • Voice recorder (AAC and AMR codecs support); 
  • Support for www.file.io service for copying tracks to a PC, phone or tablet using QR-code;
  • FTP transfer support for copying tracks to PC,Mobile or Tablet;
  • Audio player of recorded tracks. The watch can be connected to a bluetooth headset for track listening;
  • AOD mode suport;
  • Changeable backgrounds (double tap on battery indictor): colors from the palette, flags of more than 200 countries, custom images;
  • Changeable watch hands (double tap on watch center): 4 types in black and white color; 
  • Background with parallax effect (accelerometer);
  • Hidden mode.

Technical details:

- Tracks are stored in sounds/wsvoicerec folder of device;

- Voice recorder codecs:

AMR -  is an audio compression format optimized for speech coding, used in mobile networks. I recommend it to record speech, it perfectly preserves the voice, while the data stream is very small, 30 minutes occupy about 3 megabytes, which is important, because the device does not have much memory;

- AAC is a high-quality codec, an MP3 successor with improved encoding quality. You can record anything, streams from 32 to 256 kb/s and a range of frequencies up to 44100 Hz are supported;  

Note. Оn Gear S2 speaker is only on the version with 3G. Gear S2 Classic has a microphone but it doesn't have a speaker, so for recorded audio you need to listen to it on your phone or BT headphones. 

If you have problems with playback volume

1) Tap the speaker icon (in player) and make sure the volume is set to maximum

2) Make sure all watch sounds are NOT turned off , step 5 of instruction

Note! The voice recorder uses the microphone of the watch, but it is also used by system applications such as phone call and svoice. If you answer the phone call on the watch, the microphone is blocked and the voice recorder stops recording! Also, if the "Voice wake-up" svoice is turned on (like "ok Google"), then the system can block the microphone at any time and the recording of the voice recorder will also be interrupted! You can turn off the "Voice wake-up", because at any time, svoice can be started by double pressing the bottom button of the watch. Open the svoice (double-click on the lower right button), then tap three points on the right side, turn off the "Voice wake-up".

- Hidden mode description:

Turn "on" the hidden mode in the settings, and the microphone icon will replace the sphere icon. You can enable the recording by double tapping on the sphere area, after which the month's date indicator turns red, but the recording timer is not displayed. To turn off the record, you must also double tap on the sphere. To open the settings, you need to make a double tap on the date indicator at the time the recording is stopped;

Transfer via file.io service

1) Select the "Upload" item on the settings menu and choose file.io service;

2) Select an file and send;

3) You can scan the received qr-code on any mobile device, you can also manually enter the link under the code in the browser, after which the file will be downloaded to the device.

Note: The file.io service supports files up to 100 megabytes. After downloading to the service, the link acts exactly 1 time and exists before the first download, then the file is deleted!

Copying records via FTP

- Ftp transfer details:

  • App support any ftp server apps. For phone (tablet) you may find apps on you device store by keywords "ftp server", "WIFI FTP" or "ftp file transfer". For PC you may find any ftp server, for example "TYPSoft FTP Server" (Windows). 
  • App support only "Anonymous" mode without password!
  • Check the permissions on FTP folder for upload and write;

How to transfer files:

1) Go to settings menu on watch: Connections - wifi - wifi networks;

2) Tap to connected network; 

3) Look at IP address ;

4) Install on your mobile WifiFtp ;

5) Run app and start service, look at what ip issued, make sure that the first 3 digits match the ip on the watch, i.e. that understand that in one wifi network;

6) Enter ip address from the app in the ftp settings of the recorder on the watch;

7) Now you can send the file;

8) The transferred file will be in the root folder of the phone, you can open it with any file explorer.


Thank you for support! Pleasant use ;)